Wedding Information

New Date: May 7th, 2021!

We are married!
Cocktail Hour / Reception
7:00 PM
El Ganzo - La Escollera / Beach Club
The wedding will take place during sunset on the grass jetty (La Escollera) adjacent to the beach club and the reception will be at the Beach Club. For the ladies it is encouraged to wear wedges or block heels.

Hosted Schedule

Thursday May 6th - Rehearsal Dinner - 6:30 PM

All guests are invited! We are heading to Shore Bar at Vidanta Los Cabos. It'll be 2 hours of tacos four ways and a limited open bar (beer, wine, margaritas) turning to a cash bar after that.

  • The rides will pick guests up at El Ganzo hotel lobby at 6:20 PM.
  • The ride back to the hotel will pick guests up at Vidanta hotel lobby at 9:30 PM.

Friday May 7th - Wedding - 6:30 PM

The big event! There are pontoon boats that will ferry you aross the harbor to La Escollera (the jetty) where the ceremony will be performed! The cocktail hour is 7:00 PM, the reception will be 8:00 PM til midnight!

Saturday May 8th - Mango Deck - 1:15 PM

We will have stocked sprinter vans that will take those of you who can handle a 3rd day of celebration into downtown Cabo and onto the tourist beach and Mango Deck. Mango Deck is a beach restaurant that features people games for a bucket of beers/shots, much to the amusement of the crowd. We are taking care of the transportation into Cabo, we'll leave the bar tabs up to each group. Because of how fluid everything can be once we are in downtown Cabo, we'll leave transportation back to El Ganzo up to each group!

  • The rides will pick guests up at El Ganzo hotel lobby at 12:30 PM.
  • Transportation back to the hotel is at each groups discretion.

Wedding Party

Alissa Douglas

Move aside ladies, I'm catching the bouquet! 💐


Jenna Coker

Hide yo wife, hide yo kids. It's going down in Cabo!

Felicia Rodriguez

Captain of the twerk team!

Barbara Knudson

Team No Sleep! 😴

Brise Maine

I'm extra, just like guac. 🥑

Laura Moreau

I just want to dance... and eat tacos. 🌮


Bill Byrne

Can't spell the Best Man without B...

Justin Ricci

I love Mexico as much as Romo loves Jess! Tequila is an upper! 🍹

Travis Wike

Team All Work 🤓

Lindley Garcia

The rewards of responsibility are easily forgotten, while the stories of irresponsibility will be told long after they are worth remembering.

Samuel Moreau

I just want to eat tacos... and dance. 🕺

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