Things to do in Cabo

Cabo San Lucas is a great location to come and relax for a few days. Locate at the southern tip of the Baja Pennisula, the warm waters of the Sea of Cortez and the fun atmosphere of the beach offer a host of activities for everyone. Want to just relax, have a margarita while watching people play silly games? Manjo Deck or The Office are right for you. Want to take a glass bottom boat out to Lovers Beach & Land's End? You can also find those tours at Medano Beach. On the pacific side there are tours that can take you 4-Wheeling on the beach and in the sand dunes. or you can simply take a drive up to Hotel California, stopping by Art & Beer on the way for a lowkey excursion. There is also ziplining up north along highway one, about 25 minutes from the city proper. And a host of other activities to enjoy during your stay.

There are great spots for a taditional Mexican dining experience during the evening as well. Off the beaten path just a tad (enough to avoid the usual tourism) there is Pancho's with their incredible Tortilla Soup as well at Mi Casa, with their Las Puntas de Res del Andamio (Grilled Beef tips in a signature sauce). If you are looking for seafood, specifically shrimp and lobster, I would not steer you wrong to head to Maro's Shrimp House with their Bulldog drink and the highly recommended Grilled Shrimp. If sushi is to your liking I would recommend Japengo (located next to Nowhere bar) and their ahi sashimi that is melt in your mouth delicious.

After some delicious dinner, it wouldn't be a vacation in Cabo if you didn't hit the town for a bit and see what it offers. The high end tequila Cabo Wabo is named after this iconic concert bar in Cabo, started by none other than Sammy Hagar of Van Halen fame, it has a cover band almost every night. There is Nowhere bar that is always packed on Saturday and Tuesday nights (Tuesday night is ladies night).

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  • Hotel El Ganzo  -  - Hotel El Ganzo is a refuge and a mind-opening departure from cookie-cutter hotels. Custom furnishings and original design elements set the visual tone against the natural backdrop of the beautiful Sea of Cortez

Daytime Fun

  • Mango Deck  -  - Beach Restaurant that features people games for a bucket of beers, much to the amusement of the crowd.
  • The Office  -  - Tell your friends back home you spent a long day at The Office!
  • Medano Beach -  - Get a glass bottom boat from here out to the Arch, don't settle for the first price, haggle a little!


  • Maro Shrimp House -  - Shrimp & Lobster. Highly recommend the grilled shrimp and a bulldog!
  • Mi Casa  -  - Traditional Mexican. Highly recommend the 'Las Puntas de Res del Andamio'!
  • Restaurant Pancho's  -  - Traditional Mexican. Recommend the Mango Margarita.
  • Japango -  - Sushi Restaurant. Next to Nowhere Bar.
  • Puerto San Lucas  -  - Italian Restaurant. Good mexican coffee.
  • Edith's  -  - Surf and Turf. An institution of Cabo, enjoy huge portions of Steak and Lobster, on the pricey side though but incredibly delicious.
  • Bar Esquina -  - Trendy Restaurant, broad range of food. The menu changes frequently.

Nighttime Fun

  • Squid Roe -  - The main location to party in Cabo, if you come to Cabo you probably should stop in at least once after 10pm.
  • Nowhere Bar -  - A bit lower key but still a well known spot in Cabo. Tuesday night is ladies night.
  • Cabo Wabo -  - Live music almost every night

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