COVID-19 Information / FAQ

Current Cabo COVID Status - Feb 10th, 2021
We discussed COVID with our Wedding Planner (who lives in Cabo/plans Cabo weddings) about what she is seeing. She said everything is going very well, they have yet to have a wedding where anyone contracted COVID. Currently, the cases have started reducing and we are hopeful they will continue to improve as more people get vaccinated. We know there are misconceptions about Cabo and laws/sanitization. However, it’s quite the opposite as Cabo is a tourist town. It is in their interest to keep the active COVID cases to an absolute minimum. Hotels and restaurants are only allowing 50% capacity. They have strict processes in place where all hotels, restaurants, and bars are regularly sanitized (with the same sanitization as hospitals). Cabo cases have never been as bad as in San Diego.

I'm sick of being stuck at home, I'm in but have questions.
That is great! We are so pumped for you to come. If you haven't please book a room at El Ganzo as soon as possible. We recently got the updated discount code link, this will help figure out our headcount.
The hotel has been extremely accomodating and hasn't had to deal with many issues since March 2020 when they had to postpone many events. But if the super unfortunate happens and you were to catch COVID before heading into Cabo they would offer to reschedule the reservation. That doesn't help with attending our wedding but at least you wouldn't lose the reservation completely and El Ganzo is a great stay at anytime!

Flying into Cabo
Mexico does not have any testing restrictions to fly into Cabo.
We STRONGLY encourage everyone to get a COVID test prior to flying out of the US, so after your trip you can feel confident you will have a negative COVID test and be able to get back into the US.

COVID Restrictions while in Cabo
The COVID Restrictions are much like everyone has experienced the US.
You wear masks while walking around the hotel / into and out of restaurants. To enter a place of business they will check your temperature and they will have you sanitize your hands.

The hotels, cabs and rental cars are sterilized by companies that had to get government approval to perform that service to ensure it met their standards.

Wedding Restrictions
Walking through the hotel you'll have to wear a mask, but once you get to the wedding / reception area the guests are no longer required to wear a mask. All the hotel and wedding planning staff will have masks on.

Travel back into the US
Once again, our planner has not seen anyone get COVID and not be allowed to travel back to the US and with more vaccinations, it seems to be improving every day. Every person (including those with the COVID vaccine) flying back into the US is currently required to have a negative COVID test taken within the previous 72 hours. Our wedding planner has told us she does not expect this requirement to go away by our wedding date.

  • El Ganzo has in-house testing, it takes less than 5 minutes and you have your results in less than 24 hours. $30 per person.
  • There is also testing at the airport, but you'll want to arrive at the airport a little early and you'll have your result in 1 hour. $30 per person.
  • If you plan on staying longer or not at a hotel, there are services our wedding planner knows that will perform a house call. Please let us know if you are interested in this and we will help you coordinate it. $70 per person.

Catching COVID
Our wedding planner has not had any guests catch COVID while attending a wedding they have put on. She has asked around but cannot find a case of an American being stuck in Cabo because they have caught COVID. She knows that hotels will offer a tremendous discount on a room while dealing with it but it is on a case-by-case basis.

Other questions?
We are sure we didn't answer all your questions, please let us know other concerns you have and we'll add them to this list!

Book El Ganzo - Los Cabos, Mexico

Hotel El Ganzo is a great and eclectic spot that is different from anything else in the Los Cabos area.

Click here to book El Ganzo
Here is the URL if for some reason the link isn't working:
Room rates:
  • Ocean View King Bed: $260.00
  • Ocean View Double Bed: $260.00
  • Ocean View Blacony King Bed: $275.00
The last day to book the hotel is around the beginning of April 2021

Note: El Ganzo is an 18+ hotel. Children are allowed at the wedding but for alternate hotel accomodations please contact Jonathan.

Eat & Drink
We love the size of El Ganzo, because it is small enough where we will have the majority of the rooms so anywhere you head you'll see someone you know! While El Ganzo's eat & drink page showcase all their areas, we are especially excited these areas below! You will see us there often!
Ganzo De Playa - Beach Club

Everyone is allowed to enjoy this beautiful beach!


Only Hotel Guests are allowed at this rooftop pool.

El Ganzo Promo
Hotel Slideshow
Flyover of the Marina, El Ganzo and Beach Club

Flight / Transportation


You will be flying into San Jose Del Cabo. The airport code is SJD.

Flying from San Diego, the flights we commonly use are from Alaska Air.

Transportation to El Ganzo

A) Transport to/from Airport

Cabo DOES NOT have Uber / Lyft from the AIRPORT. Coordinating with others for the same arrival / departure times will reduce the cost per person.

My apologies in advance as this appears to be the easiest way to request transporation for our event.

  1. Click here to open Impala Cabo (shuttle) in a new tab.
  2. Login using JB&JR9 as both the User Name and Password.
  3. Click on the Guest List button.
  4. Click on the Add your information button.
  5. Fill out the form with your Name, Email, Arrival/Departure: Airline, Flight Number, Date & Time, # of people. (Disregard AmountIn/Out)

B) Car Rental

Ahh, you want to do some extra exploring while in Cabo. Great! We love that you want to have the ability to do our own thing while in Cabo! I have used BBB rent a car while down there for years. They are very transparent in their pricing from the outset but you have to request a quote. A lot of rental companies in Mexico claim you can rent a car for around $10 / day. That is very misleading and there are a ton of additional fees that any company would hit you with once you arrive, BBB let's you know upfront how much it will be.

If you have a credit card that would cover your rental in case of any issues that arise that will save you insurance costs on the vehicle as well.

Here is a PDF of directions from the Airport to El Ganzo if you are renting a car but unfamiliar with the area.

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